Sejinjuku School is a three-month intensive course to learn global talents' must have skills.


“With opportunities for output surpassing my expectations, I was able to do practical exercises each time.”

(Mr. Daisuke Noguchi, in the 30s, venture business, TOEIC score: 785)

Why I took the seminar

In my English learning, I had put a stress mainly on the input part: listening and reading. Now in my 30s as a business person, I decided that I would like to put my English to practical use on the global stage. That is why I chose Sejinjuku renowned for its ample output opportunity.

What I gained from the seminar

With opportunities for output surpassing my expectations, I was able to do practical exercises each time. Secondly, with hands-on exercises with a foreigner’s way of thinking, I was given plenty of opportunity to think logically. Thirdly, I appreciated the interactive, not one-sided, nature of the exercises.
I particularly valued the first point. I appreciated the opportunity to make a one-minute presentation on a topic of my choice at the beginning of each session. To be sure, I struggled with the English-only parts of the exercises and with the homework assigned each time. But all the hard work drove my growth.
As a result, I methodically learned the key points to make my presentations and dialogues more effective; I am now able to speak English smoothly with confidence. I am thankful for the practical tips throughout the seminar. Making a presentation each time and having my undesirable mannerisms pointed out helped to correct them.   

“I attained phenomenal growth through repeated rehearsals, exercises, and reviews.”

(Ms. F. K., in the 20s, call center, TOEIC score: 750)

Why I took the seminar

Before I joined the business world, I had occasional opportunities to speak English face to face. However, as most English talks in my current call center job are over the phone, I found myself too uptight to speak confidently when I was directly facing someone. I decided to take this seminar so I will learn to speak English with poise when I’m in direct conversation with people.

What I gained from the seminar

I believe that reviewing and rehearsing are instrumental in learning to speak logically in English. Indeed, the lecturer kept reminding us of the importance of rehearsing. I was lucky enough to have many moments of concrete success when she advised me to write down my thought and I followed her instructions. I have a solid sense of growth because she articulately pointed out my issues throughout the seminar. She clearly identified what I needed to work on, thus making it easy for me to implement the change.

“The seminar significantly boosted my self-confidence as I learned hands-on the method of logical thinking and sentence construction.”

(Ms. Kuniko Shoji, in the 30s, actor)

Why I took the seminar

Although I was capable of carrying on everyday conversations in English, I was keenly aware that I lacked the skills to assert my views or to conduct negotiations in the language. Moreover, with a visit to New York in my calendar, I was eager to know my true communication skills since I had had no experience staying abroad over an extended period.

What I gained from the seminar

shojiLearning logical thinking gave me an impetus to review my ordinary framework of thinking. Now I am aware that the English sentence structure is totally different from that of Japanese. I realize that “logical thinking” is the key to global communication. Your commonplace English conversation schools, blogs, and books may teach you techniques for improving your conversational skills with handy words and expressions; however, they don’t usually teach you how to logically express what you have learned. While vocabulary and phrases may be acquired through rote learning without going to school, learning to think and assert logically takes many exercises. As improvement in this area is hard without opportunities for practical output, I appreciate the fact that Sejinjuku gave me numerous such opportunities. In departing for New York, the seminar has tremendously beefed up my self-confidence.

“I wouldn’t have been able to identify my weakness had it not been for the assertiveness session.”

(Ms. N. K., in the 40s, human resources with a foreign capital company, TOEIC score: 885)

Why I took the seminar

As I hadn’t used English for quite some time, I wanted to know what I needed to work on.

What I gained from the seminar

・I knew the basics of presentation since I had taken a presentation class while studying abroad. However, I had never seen myself making a presentation on a video. What I liked about this seminar is that it gave me an opportunity to objectively see myself in the act. Moreover, it was not just once during the last session; I had an opportunity to make a presentation and receive feedback from everyone in each single session.
・Through Lumina (the assessment tool), I was able to analyze my strengths and weaknesses and to understand how I am different from others. This self-knowledge will be very helpful in my communication going forward (not only in the global context but also with my fellow Japanese).
・The assertiveness session was an eye-opener as it demonstrated my inability to construct a counterargument. I’m grateful, for I wouldn’t have been able to identify my weakness had it not been for that session.
・It was a great motivator to have classmates. I have been inspired to keep on learning by experiencing the joy of taking the seminar with a group of goal-oriented people.

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