Sejinjuku School is a three-month intensive course to learn global talents' must have skills.


Sejinkuku open seminar

We offer a digest version of the regular three-month seminar on logical thinking, assertiveness, and presentation skills. If you wish to learn the fundamentals of global talent in one sitting or if you are pondering signing up for the regular seminar, please take advantage of this opportunity.

Recommended for these people:

openseminar・I get stage fright when working with foreigners.
・I hardly ever use English despite working for a foreign capital company.
・I’m thinking of switching to a foreign capital company or an overseas company.
・I would like to work abroad or in a global office environment.
・I would like to switch to a foreign capital company but feel the need to have additional skills on top of my English.
・I don’t know what skill sets besides English are required of global talent.
・I have lost the touch as global talent because I no longer use English at work.
・I get uptight when I’m face to face with a foreigner and can’t perform effectively.

Target audience

Business people who aspire to acquire the requisite skills—including but in no way limited to English proficiency—to become global talent capable of rising to the challenge in the contemporary world, as well as who are pondering signing up for the regular seminar.

The introductory level: The advanced level:
For people with TOEIC scores of 650 or higher who aspire to become capable of being assertive and of making presentations in English. For people with TOEIC scores of 750 or higher who aspire to become capable of being assertive and of making presentations in English.


In this seminar of approximately two hours, you will learn practical skills for global talent with immediate application.

The introductory level The advanced level
– Differences in work style stemming from cultural differences
– Trouble you get into if you are not assertive in English-speaking countries
– Avoiding the four Mustn’t Dos in introducing yourself
– How to develop business contacts
– How to project poise in delivering a speech
– What results from shyness and excessive aversion to making mistakes
– Gestures prone to generate misunderstanding in English-speaking countries
– Global talent defined
– Roadmap to global talent
– What is diversity?
– Presentation: Nine tips
– Being assertive: Five key points
– Logical communication: Learning an important framework

Customer feedback

I took this seminar because I wanted to know what’s required of global talent. I’ve learned from the seminar that there is a distinct difference between the way we think and feel in Japan and how it is abroad. As the instructor pointed out to me where and how I can make improvements in my presentation skills, I will definitely put it into practice at work. I found her candid and easy to talk with and to follow because she used numerous examples based on her own experiences. (Ms. S. H.)

I appreciated the fact that it was not a one-sided, top-down lecture. In fact, I was sorry the two hours passed so quickly as I listened to the experiences of other participants and also shared some of my own stories. The seminar was very stimulating with its generous serving of tips indispensable for working in global companies. It had the rare combination of much to learn and much to enjoy. (Mr. S. M.)

The biggest lesson I learned from the seminar was that being able to speak English and being able to work with foreigners in English are entirely different things. I’m also grateful to be made aware that I tend to unconsciously nod and to repeatedly utter “I think” when I’m speaking in English. The instructor’s highly realistic anecdotes about what happened in foreign capital companies were intriguing and gripping. I was impressed with the way she kept eye contact with the audience and spoke with poise and confidence throughout. I certainly would like to emulate her as a presenter. Thank you very much! (Ms. R. S.)


¥3,000 (tax included)
Please make your payment by bank transfer or credit card.

Venue and access

Standard Meeting Room, Akasaka Side
1-3-18, Akasaka, Minato Ward, Tokyo
The Namboku Line: Get off at Tameike-sanno Station. It is a five-minute walk from Exit 9.
The Ginza Line: Get off at Tameike-sanno Station. It is a five-minute walk from Exit 9.
The Ginza Line: Get off at Toranomon Station. It is a six-minute walk from Exit 10.
The Namboku Line: Get off at Roppongi-itchome Station. It is a seven-minute walk from Exit 3.

Seminar schedule

The capacity for each seminar is 12. The application will be closed as soon as the number of applicants reaches the capacity.

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